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AGUD5GNM6SFixed a problem where FieldSetText failed to set multiple values for checkbox fields. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
NNYU5MGPTEComparing a formula expression which evaluates to @error, with a numerical value, the formula evaluates to @error. This regression was introduced in...
DSCK5LFN6BNotes 6 users moved to a Domino 6 server will have full dynamic configuration functionality. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
JBAS5JGSTPFixed a problem introduced in 6.0, where an empty string was always returned when using @MiddleBack. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.3, 6.0.2 CF2,...
ABUI5MCKFE"Who can view freetime" option selected in R5, carries over correctly to R6. Prior to this fix, the option was greyed out.
ATAI5MGAEJIn the previous releases (R4.6/R5), if an @ERROR was compared against a value (numerical or string) it always returned @ERROR. However in R6, it...
JBAS5JGRUJFixed a problem introduced in 6.0, where an empty string was returned when using @Middle. For example, in the formula @Middle("abc" ; 0 ; "x"),...
IDEA5K5PNCAvailability Index calculation has changed - please read detailed release notes. This regression was introduced in 6.0 and changed in 6.0.3, 6.0.2...
SIWA5LP3CRWhen using @Error in an expression, the error "Formula Error: @ERROR used in an expression" is returned. The behavior of @Error wiill return to the...
DHAN5KX9M8Fixed a problem where NotesRegistration was not honoring the expiration property. This regression was introduced in 6.0.1.
ABUI5C4MAHWhen R4.6.7 mail files are upgraded to the R5.0.10 (R6) template there are unexpected results after canceling a single instance meeting invitation. ...
MCHG5DTENBIn R4/R5, when the offset parameter of the @Middle formula is a negative number, a blank string is correctly returned. In R6 the offset counts from...
GGRD5PRQFUPreviously, certain formula code that used @Error compiled in an R6 version of Notes would cause different run-time behavior from the same code...
RHON5PCMRPFix to avoid needing to run fixup twice on an R5 to R6 upgrade for a database with a PAIndex.
SHIL5L8RWFMeetings saved with the ESC key in R5 will now move onto the calendar when rescheduled, after upgrading to 6.0.
CSMH5EYQG6Fixed a problem which occurred when the FIELD statement was used in the dialog list "use formula for choices" option. The field contents were...
BART5QLPZFFixed @keywords to behave exactly as R5.x when a 3rd arguement (delimiter) is supplied
JGON5GJMRYNotes client crashes when a LotusScript button is executed on a database which resides on an R5.0.8 or earlier server. The server must be upgraded...
KOZI5N2DVBWhen using @TextToNumber(FieldText) as part of a View Selection formula in R5.x, the documents are displayed as they should. In R6.02 documents are...
JCCS5NWRJ6The Domino plugin 6.0.3/6.5 was not handling correctly the properties of a Domino server 5.0.12. The plugin's data structure was modified to fix...
MGAN5LQLB3Expressions evaluating to @error, when used in a numeric comparison, return results consistent with R4/R5. This problem was introduced in 6.0 and...
BASO5MLLJ9Fixed a problem introduced in 6.0 where the @setprofilefield function returned a different error condition than in R5. This was fixed in 6.0.3 and...
DHAN5KVT5TEmbedded outline with computed entries will now display the result properly. Prior to this fix, the outline would display to the right, instead of...
KOZI5N2DVBWhen using @TextToNumber(FieldText) as part of a View Selection formula in R5.x, the documents are displayed as they should. In R6.02 documents are...
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